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How To Use Events In Your Marketing Strategy

Some people see events as fluff, a nice-to-have, but to do that is to miss out on a huge strategic advantage. Bringing people together accelerates brand affinity, it enables greater buy-in. Facilitating more and more people to speak of you highly and recommend you to others is the nirvana of marketing, it’s what growth and creating positive change is all about. So let’s find out how you can use events in your marketing strategy!

Podcast image

Podcasting – What are you listening to?

When we are walking, travelling on a train or driving a car, sitting in a park, in a garden or at the beach, we can choose to listen. Technology enables us to listen to our favourite playlist, radio show, podcast or audio book wherever we are. Multi-tasking (travelling and listening) is one of my favourite things. Getting some extra steps in and learning at the same time!

What do we actually do at Autumn Live?

I’ll begin with a story. Before I started Autumn Live I once worked for Picturehouses as the Marketing and Business Development Manager. One day, one of my children came home from school saying they had to tell everyone at school what their parents did for a job. “Oh that’s interesting sweetie, what did you say mummy does?” I waited with baited breath…

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