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big ben bridge castle city

Our 7 favourite sustainable venues in London

London is absolutely teeming with event venues from sophisticated private dining to world class exhibition space and everything in between. It is an event organiser’s dream destination. But how does it match up to it’s competitors for sustainable venues in London?

The event industry is learning so much about sustainability (read more about that here) that this is increasingly becoming a factor in the client request for venue options.

A pile of scrunched up paper in and around a recycling bin - illustrating the need for the event industry to do more about sustainability

What is the event industry doing about sustainability?

The event industry is traditionally very heavy on single use items. Carpet that gets installed for a 5 day show then scrapped.  A car track created for an 8 minute new product launch, then scrapped. Venues have seen it all.  The whole industry can have significant environmental, social, and economic impacts on the communities in which their events are held. So what is the event industry doing about sustainability?

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