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Too much to do, not enough time

Event Solutions

– You want to get impact with your events, but there’s too many logistics to take care of

– You risk repeating what you’ve always done

– Engagement has gone down, you need to inspire people again

– You want to be more accessible and inclusive with a hybrid format but don’t know how to manage the tech

– You need an events strategy that threads through your 1-5 year plan, positioning you as thought leaders


“The Autumn team were incredibly professional, organised and thorough. They were prepared in every way to provide a smart and modern setup, which set the bar for the kind of high quality production we will be building on in future years. I cannot recommend them enough.”


What Our Clients Say

Find out why so many of our clients work with us time and time again, and the difference we’ve made for them:

Mark Doohan
When we opened our new offices in Milton Keynes, we knew we wanted to make a splash and deepen our connections with key stakeholders in the region. Autumn Live helped us to refine our office launch event ideas and come up with format that worked perfectly for our objectives. It was a huge success and has not only established our office in a new city, but strategically lined us up for future collaborations and partnerships which we’re now realising – Thank you Autumn!
Mark Doohan
Managing Director, Benchmark Architects
Autumn Live have proven again and again that they can elevate our initial ideas, anticipate the needs of a busy organisation like ours and achieve the cut through we’re looking for with our staff events. From virtual seminars, to face-to-face workshops, to hybrid conferences, the team have helped us to increase engagement around key themes like EDI, staff wellbeing and our world-class research. From detailed planning, to technical live streaming set-ups, to speaker briefings, Autumn Live have been key in achieving the impact we’ve wanted. We love working with them and having them as part of our team.
Ceri Connor
Director of Organisational Development and Inclusion, University Hospital Southampton NHS FT
Olivia Lerch
The team at Autumn Live take a huge amount of stress out of delivering our annual conference. With multiple stakeholders and up to 40 speakers to brief and co-ordinate, Autumn Live’s strengths in planning and guidance on formats and the technical details of delivering a hybrid event for our audiences have helped us to achieve the impact we’re looking for. This is reflected in the positive feedback from our attendees, senior leaders and speakers.
Olivia Lerche
Head of Communications, King's Health Partners
Laia Gasch
Working with Autumn Live has enabled World Cities Culture Forum to create meaningful public debates and online exchanges between our leaders from 44 world cities. With Autumn Live, we know we’re supported every step of the way to ensure our webinars stand out, run smoothly and offer a welcoming experience.
Laia Gasch
Director, World Cities Culture Forum

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Client Work

Company Conference - Merck Healthcare

Launch Event - Benchmark Architects

Global Webinar Series - World Cities Culture Forum

Annual Stakeholder Conference - King's Health Partners

Our Services

Covering all your event needs

From different stages of the event strategy, planning and delivery process, to different event formats, all our services deliver against the same purpose – bringing people together for meaningful connection

Event Management
Event Management

From concept to completion, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day work, let us create your bespoke event, driven by your ‘why’. 

Event Planning
Event Planning

Ensuring you have a smooth, stress-free event, our approach to planning and thinking of everything in advance, means your run up to your event is smooth and stress-free. 

Event Strategy Consulting
Event Consulting / Strategy

Tapping into our years of event wisdom means you can accelerate the impact of your event plans and maximise your ROI.

Event Production
Event Production

Ensuring your AV, lighting staging, displays, and film-making are all on-point for your event. We offer a complete solution for you. 

Live In Person Events
Live In Person Events

We are hard wired for connection. Live, in person events allow for connection and relationship to deepen. 

Virtual Events
Virtual Events

If you want your events to be more accessible and sustainable virtual events are a great option. We have plenty of tools and ideas to enable attendee connection. 

Hybrid Events
Hybrid Events

When you want to reach two audiences and maximize your content from your in-person event, hybrid brings together two audiences for greater learning and connection. 

Community Based Marketing
Community Based Marketing

Your community strategy should be peppered with events, running through as a golden thread, to facilitate connection and build community. 


Outsourcing event management and planning to an events agency like Autumn Live can give you some major advantages:

  1. Time. It will give you your time back to focus on your work
  2. Reduce stress levels for you and your team
  3. Cost effective. Using an agency that can be an extension of your team can be more cost effective.
  4. Fresh thinking and ideas. Which increases your event impact
  5. Increased network. You can benefit from a wider network of trusted suppliers

We create bespoke costings for every event, as no two events are the same.  As a guide, you'll find below some indicative costs.  (Please note these don't include costs like venue or catering costs. They are bespoke depending on your choices)

  • Event Strategy / Consultation Workshop (1/2 day) £650+VAT
  • 1/2 day face-to-face event - 100 people - starting from £5k+VAT
  • Full day face-to-face event - 100 people - starting from £8k+VAT
  • 1-2 hr online event starting from £1.5k+VAT

  • Full day virtual conference - starting from £6k+VAT
  • Full day hybrid conference - starting from £12k+VAT
  • Example 12 month package - 4 webinars / online events, 3 roundtables, 3 dinners -  from £25k+VAT

Email us for a copy of our rate card.

Sustainability in Events training certificate - ISLAAt Autumn Live, we are committed to conducting our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. We recognize the impact that events can have on the environment and are dedicated to minimizing our ecological footprint. Our sustainability policy is guided by the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, with a systematic approach of Reduce, Measure, Offset, and Report.

Our founder and MD Jan Carlyle has completed the Complete Sustainable Events Course delivered by The Meetings Show and ISLA(Copy of certification available on request)

Lead times vary depending on how complex an event is, the numbers of speakers, attendees etc.  Events are always a better experience for everyone and have greater strategic impact when there has been optimum time allowed for strategic planning, development and logistics.


If your event is annual, 12 months+ is required to secure a venue booking for a competitive space (eg NEC) and you'll want to announce the next date at the current event.


6 months is ideal, but we can pull events together as quickly as 4-6 weeks. Any less than that does not give the best time for event marketing and enabling delegates to keep your event date free. 

It depends so much on what you want impact you want to achieve.  That's why we focus a lot on getting clarity on the "Why" of your event - how does it tie into your wider organisation goals?


Having this clarity means a lot of decisions, such as format, are much easier and quicker to make.  We could do a workshop with you and your team to help you get this right.


From there, there are a range of options to choose from - from fireside chats to unconferences, Ask Me Anything to panels and workshops, multi-track conferences to live podcast recording sessions, mini-festivals to surprise parties, hybrid summits with bespoke MCs and on stage DJs, to academic presentations and research showcasing.

Absolutely,  we're a super friendly team and really happy to chat on the phone, on Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, whatever works best for you!

From there, if you're happy, we can produce a costed-up proposal for you to consider.

Unlike some events agencies, we don't have a dedicated sales team with targets. You'll find us full of helpful advice and recommendations, even if you don't end up working with us this time - Get in touch

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