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Inbound marketing, is a concept first introduced to me by Gary Vay-ner-Chuk – I have to spell his name out like this as it helps me to get it right, it’s also something he does in one of his books – the Thank You Economy.

Here it is in the book pile a while back..

Gary Vaynerchuk is absolutely smashing it out of the park with his #AskGaryVee channel and social media advice, he started off running an online business and now he is a social media expert.

I have worked with Jersey Beauty Company for a number of years now, in a number of roles.  One of the most recent being as a guest host on their podcast, which I did find to be out of my comfort zone to begin with, however with some practice, I have grown in confidence over the months.  We have recorded episodes – you can listen to them here.  I tend not to listen to them and now feel very proud I can related to actors who don’t want to watch their own films, such as Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington, as listening to myself seems a total self-indulgence (and it also sounds strange – do i really sound like that?! apparently I do).

I have now expanded my podcasting skills to host another podcast on jewellery – I have learnt so much from working with the brilliant team at Burrells, we have been developing their podcast series including Pandora Jewellery, Luxury Watches and Luxury Engagement Rings.  I have also upped my desire to add all these lovely items to my wish-list!

One of the first roles I did at The Jersey Company was inbound marketing, though I didn’t know it at the time.  Matt (The CEO – you can read all about him here) suggested there were lots of bloggers and online chatter about Jersey Beauty Company and we should engage with these brand champions and develop our relationship with them, you see Inbound Marketing is all about relationship.

Please, thank you, let’s have a conversation, let’s listen, let’s talk, what do you really need? How can I help you solve a problem today? This is the heart of inbound marketing. 

People are already looking to have their problems solved and their needs met, inbound marketing is the smart way for your company to do it, it’s a proven method of attracting customers to your brand by content marketing before they are even ready to purchase.

At the Jersey Company we took time to get to know our customers, what they liked what they didn’t and we listened to them when they made suggestions, The Jersey Team developed a whole new range of skincare called Oqibo (O-key-bow) in response to customers wanting a simple 2 step skincare solution (instead of the usual 3, 4 or even 5 step you see with some brands)

I am convinced that inbound marketing will be critical to a company’s success for sales and growth.  Get to know your customers, build a profile of what they like, be the answer to their next question.  Give them information they are already looking for.

Want to find out more about inbound marketing methodology? How it can you help you, your customers and your business? You can ask any questions here in the comments section below or check out Hubspotacademy training.

It’s free and they have a wealth of information and some pretty neat content. You can even get yourself Inbound Marketing Certified.  Winner.

Founder and Director @ Autumn Live Ltd

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