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An image of a group of people at an outside activity, as part of an event. The group is stood by the old walls of an Italian city as someone speaks to them.

Work is a lonely place – Why events are the new office

As we continue to work remotely, the traditional office dynamics have changed. Work is a lonely place. This is why events can be the new office. An opportunity to build connection, creativity, and collaboration among teams. As humans, we are inherently wired for connection (Brené Brown). Yet, we often see our workdays being isolated in our work, even though we maybe surrounded by others, whether in a coffee shop or at home. Forbes highlights that 40% of us work from home at least one day a week, we are still looking for ways to cultivate workplace camaraderie.

Image of a Tea&Toast flyer on a breadboard with sliced bread, a pot of marmalade and a butter knife

Building the Tea and Toast community

This is the story of building the Tea and Toast community. A few years ago, we were having a conversation with Hannah, a marketing manager for a local organisation, and thought it would be nice to start the day off well by having a cuppa and meeting other interesting creatives in the local area.

The idea for Tea&Toast was planted. We were bored of business networking, referral groups and pressure to demonstrate how successful and accomplished you were. There was an appetite to meet, have a cuppa, an interesting and stimulating chat and leave saying, “Hope you have a great day!”, feeling positive for the day ahead.

Community building events

How you can use events as a pillar of your community strategy

In the realm of marketing and brand strategy, events stand out as powerful tools for connecting with audiences and building communities. For organisations, brands and charities, integrating events into your community strategy can be a game-changer, addressing key pain points while fostering engagement and loyalty. Let’s explore how events can play a pivotal role in shaping and strengthening your brand’s community presence.

Picture of 6 panelists standing in a row from Left to Right: Madeleine Milne, Blaise Grimes-Viort, Richard Gott, Laura Roth, Michelle Goodall, Kian Bakhtiari

Digital Community Leaders Report Launch

In September we delivered the launch event for the digital community leaders report 2023. We were delighted to partner with Steadfast Collective to produce the report for a second time, following the 2021 report.

The event, hosted at The RSA in London, featured two panels of experts talking through some of the key findings and themes in the report. If you\’re in or on the fringes of the growing group of digital community leaders, this is your chance to catch up on what happened.

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