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How do you still connect with people at online…

We’ve all experienced Zoom fatigue, back to back meetings with colleagues, clients, suppliers and even friends. How can you still connect with people at online events when you’re being forced into breakout rooms not of your own choosing? (Actually Zoom has changed this now and you can select which breakout rooms – but only if the organisers let you!) As an organiser and producer of live events we have really seen the need to think carefully about the delegate journey.

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Binary Festival T minus 1 and counting…

This is the day before the build up day.  Christmas Eve Eve if you like. Everything starts to happen tomorrow, the tech guys will turn up at Hinterlands and will build the stage, install the lighting and make everything sound amazing.  There will be final badge making, setting up registration and the inevitable requests of “Can I change my gathering?”.  I will take all this in my stride, because we are onsite. Read more “Binary Festival T minus 1 and counting…”


What do we actually do at Autumn Live?

I’ll begin with a story; before I started Autumn Live I once worked for Picturehouses as the Marketing and Business Development Manager. One day, one of my children came home from school saying they had to tell everyone at school what their parents did for a job, “Oh that’s interesting sweetie, what did you say mummy does?” I waited with baited breath… Read more “What do we actually do at Autumn Live?”

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Top 5 Takeaways from the Inbounder World Tour, London…

As an event producer I don’t get the privilege of sitting in the audience as a delegate at many events.  I am usually the one hunting down the speakers, running through slides, ensuring the room temperature is pleasant and that there is plenty of coffee for everyone.  I had the pleasure of attending The Inbounder World Tour in London on Tuesday May 2nd 2017.  Which is already featured as one of the Top 10 digital events to attend in the UK this year.

My Top 5 Takeaways from the event were (in chronological order): Read more “Top 5 Takeaways from the Inbounder World Tour, London 2017”

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What digital events should I attend in the UK…

Thinking of attending an event in the tech sector in the UK in 2017?

According to the latest Tech Nation report London alone, in 2016 hosted 22,000 tech related Meetup events- nearly three times as many as Berlin, Amsterdam or Paris. Interpersonal networking is critical to the UK’s success and the face-to-face networking that these Meet-ups enable is hugely important to the growth and success of digital businesses Read more “What digital events should I attend in the UK in 2017?”