What is the future of events?

Events have been cancelled across the globe, from MWC in Barcelona to SxSW. TED has been delayed and TEDx events postponed across the world. How we respond now and have responded as event producers will set us apart from those who were slow to pivot, slow to seize this moment of change. Autumn Live works […]

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2020 sounds so futuristic?

It sounds familiar doesn’t it “2020”? It also sounds way off in the future. Well, I have news for you people, it’s 11 months and a few days away! You may be thinking about organising an event, a conference or a celebration gathering for 2020. Marking a milestone for your business, your achievements, a fulfilment […]

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What do we actually do at Autumn Live?

I’ll begin with a story; before I started Autumn Live I once worked for Picturehouses as the Marketing and Business Development Manager. One day, one of my children came home from school saying they had to tell everyone at school what their parents did for a job, “Oh that’s interesting sweetie, what did you say […]

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