Simon is the Technical Director of Autumn Live with over 20 years’ experience in event AV systems and Project Management. He is also an accomplished marketing and communications professional and has used both these skillsets collectively to specifically engage health professionals and the general public to create positive change.

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How To Use Events In Your Marketing Strategy

Some people see events as fluff, a nice-to-have, but to do that is to miss out on a huge strategic advantage. Bringing people together accelerates brand affinity, it enables greater buy-in. Facilitating more and more people to speak of you highly and recommend you to others is the nirvana of marketing, it’s what growth and creating positive change is all about. So let’s find out how you can use events in your marketing strategy!

Hybrid events – what you need to know

Whilst many organisations and companies initially responded to the global pandemic by putting all events on hold, many of the organisations we have been speaking to have now moved to a place of exploring and using online event formats. There is another option to consider if you think your options are only online events or in person events – hybrid events. Find out what you need to know…

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