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How to generate 10 different pieces of content from one event

Create one pillar piece of content and you can splice it into 10 different pieces of content that will in essence increase engagement with a wider audience using different platforms. How do you generate 10 different pieces of content from one event?

Organise a live podcast recording

This would be a live event with 25 audience guests together with a host and 3 or 4 guest panelists. You’ll need to choose your panelists carefully, obviously people who are knowledgeable, have an engaging voice and are well connected.

You will need to film the whole event, get photos and make sure all the speakers are mic’d up to capture their audio. This one event can be spilt into 10 different types of content. This content can be used across your channels for a much longer timescale instead of just writing one blog post or recording one podcast.

Generate 10 different pieces of content

  1. Live event with guests which enables you to capture the event live and record the audio. 25 people in the room get to experience the event live where there’s an element of excitement as it’s a “live podcast recording”. During your event your guests interact with your podcast panelists which creates an opportunity for networking and connection in the room.
  2. Audio Podcast. Promote and share this just like any other podcast on your channel through Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.
  3. Video content of the whole full event.  This can be shared on YouTube as a whole video and featured on your website. You can schedule an event like this for around 45 minutes.
  4. Short form video content for YouTube around 5 minutes in length which is a good length for YouTube engagement, search and SEO.
  5.  Ten 30-second videos to post across several social media platforms ideal for Instagram reels, stories, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  6. Transcribe the podcast and create two blog articles. Using a programme like rev.com, you can get a transcription of the audio and use this to pull out 2 key discussion points and turn them into blog articles for your website.
  7. Twenty 100-word posts on LinkedIn. Using the transcription create articles around the key tips given by your guests together with images from the event on your LinkedIn page.
  8. Thirty 60-word posts on Twitter from the transcription
  9. Create 10 images of speakers with 2 quotes from each guest alongside an image from the event. This is a simple and highly effective way to get the key points across. The images are engaging and the quote should be one of the highlights of the discussion. 
  10. Record one piece to camera at the podcast event as a teaser for the incoming content

One event, 77 pieces of content

So you can host one event, obviously ensure it’s filmed with good quality audio. By using design, editing, production alongside copywriting skills you can generate plenty of content. Surprisingly 77 pieces to be exact.

Stuck on how to do this quickly and efficiently in the right space with the right suppliers? Autumn Live can pull together an event like this for you. We can sort all the logistics, including videography, quality podcast recording and photography.  It’s just up to you to invite the people you want in the room.

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