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Cluttered desk - illustrating some of the pain points of organising an event

Addressing the key pain points of organising an event

Many people underestimate how complex organising a good event can be. Being unprepared for the key pain points of organising an event can create a myriad of challenges which will impact the overall success of your efforts. Working with an event agency like Autumn Live can address these key pain points and get better outcomes.

According to our recent survey data gathered in the Digital Community Leaders Report 2023, the most significant pain points in the industry include:

A cup of black coffee, an open notebook, pen and macbook on a wooden desk. In a sepia tone.

Event planning and becoming an event planner

Event planning is something we have probably all had to do at some point in our lives. It is the process of organising and co-ordinating an event, usually with a number of people there (I’d say more than 5) which has a purpose of gathering people together. It can be a conference, seminar, launch, workshop, webinar, summit, awards ceremony, live podcast recording or even a board meeting. Event Planning is a core aspect to our business.

An illustration of lots of colourful pages from a calendar.

What’s the best time of year and best day to host an event?

This is a question we often get asked, and of course it’s not as easy as saying “Tuesdays in March”. Is it even possible to identify the best time of year and best day to host an event?

Well, it depends on your audience and it depends on what else is going on in your industry – or the industry of the people you are trying to gather. Let’s dig into the detail…

How to create productive hybrid events

What was the best hybrid gathering you went to? Did you know you were at a hybrid gathering or were you just connecting with the main speakers and the others who were sharing the same space as you? Everyone made the pivot to online meetings and events in the pandemic because we had to. We didn’t necessarily choose this, but it might not surprise you to learn hybrid meetings are not going anywhere. So let’s explore how to create productive hybrid events…

Contingency planning for face-to-face events during Autumn and Winter

Great news yesterday, as Covid19 hit its lowest infection rate since October 2021 in the UK. This is fantastic for events, connections and getting people together. We are in the process of planning in-person events for Winter 2022 – but it would be foolish not to think about our contingency planning, you need to have robust plans in place, should the situation change. 

As part of our event planning we are always doing risk assessments. Part of the risk assessment is contingency planning – considering all the possibilities and options to overcome them. Covid19 contingency planning is just part of the risk assessment and is good practice. 

How to make value central to your event success

It has been said time is the most valuable resource that you have, we all have to choose how we spend it. Time is a pressured element because there seems to be so much to do and not enough time to do it all. If someone chooses to come to your event it has to offer value above their usual tasks. The event needs something that captivates them enough to choose: “I’m going to use my time attending this event instead of doing my usual activities”.  So, let’s look at how to make value central to your event success.

Re-imagining events in the future

Every time there is a global shift – the financial crash of 2008, the fallout from 9/11, the pandemic of 2020, there is an opportunity as humanity evaluates what’s important, where should we be focusing? What’s important to me, my workplace, my business, my family, my people? Our perspective can shift, a little or a lot. What does this mean for events in the future?

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