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Addressing the key pain points of organising an event

Many people underestimate how complex organising a good event can be. Being unprepared for the key pain points of organising an event can create a myriad of challenges which will impact the overall success of your efforts. Working with an event agency like Autumn Live can address these key pain points and get better outcomes.

According to our recent survey data gathered in the Digital Community Leaders Report 2023, the most significant pain points in the industry include:

  • creating a seamless online and face-to-face experience
  • ensuring high attendance rates
  • efficient management of attendees
  • finding suitable venues
  • securing diverse speakers
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Looking closer at this data, let’s explore how Autumn Live can be a game-changer for you, providing innovative solutions to address these critical pain points and elevate the event experience for both organisers and attendees.

Pain Point Data

Seamless Online and Face-to-Face Experience (38.5%)

Creating high-quality hybrid events is difficult, but Autumn Live use a tried and trusted process for organising these types of events. We use robust online platforms that seamlessly integrate online and face-to-face elements to ensure a unified experience for all participants. If you join as an online attendee you shouldn\’t have a second-rate experience. Key to this is a user-friendly interface that allows organisers to effortlessly design and manage events, combining the best of virtual and in-person interactions. We can, effectively create 3 events in 1:

  • The event people in the room experience
  • The event people online experience
  • Attendees connecting across the room and online

With Autumn Live, we like to create a cohesive event for everyone. Find out more about our approach to hybrid events.

Increasing Attendance Rates (38.5%)

One of the primary challenges for event organisers is translating registrations into actual attendance. This has gotten harder since the pandemic. Autumn Live tackles this issue head-on by offering robust engagement tools. Using registration platforms that provide automated reminders and personalised communication options allow for greater personal choice. Clear comms are a priority – we don’t believe you can over-communicate, as long as the messages actually add value to the reader. Each interaction provides a greater opportunity to keep attendees excited and committed. These strategies enhance the likelihood of converting registrations into active participation, ultimately boosting attendance rates.

Efficient Management of Attendees (32.3%)

Managing attendees before, during, and after events can be a logistical nightmare without the right tools. Autumn Live streamlines this process with intuitive attendee management systems. From easy registration and check-in procedures to real-time analytics, organisers can efficiently oversee every aspect of attendee management. This ensures a smooth and organised event execution, leaving both organisers and attendees with a positive experience. As the incredible Maya Angelou quote goes: “I\’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Finding Suitable Venues (27.7%)

Autumn Live recognises the importance of finding the perfect venue to complement an event\’s goals and aligning a venue to your values. We work with you to identify your key criteria and assess potential options, benchmarking this against your criteria and the value you place on them. This enables us to assess each venue practically, based on criteria. Sustainability is now a regularly consideration for clients – check out our recent overview of our 7 favourite sustainable venues in London

Securing Diverse Speakers (24.6%)

Diversity in speakers contributes to a well-rounded and inclusive event. Autumn Live understands the significance of diverse perspectives and offers a speaker marketplace featuring a wide array of talented individuals. It\’s always our preference to get involved with the planning and format of the event from the beginning to ensure a diverse speaker list, so panels and keynotes are inclusive. Ensuring events are enriched with diverse voices and expertise always increases the level of inspiration your attendees leave with and can accelerate action.

Reduce the pain points of organising your next event

Do some of the above sound familiar? Autumn Live is a transformative solution for event organisers, addressing key pain points with innovation and purpose. We prioritise an attendee user-centric approach which creates impact.

We can empower organisers to elevate their events to new heights. Embrace the future of event planning with us and unlock a world of possibilities for unforgettable and successful events.

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