6 ways to capitalise on social media at events

Explore these 6 ways to capitalise on social media at events and do it like a pro…

Firstly decide on the platform/s relevant to your event. Each event will have its own demographic and own set of users. I have organised events thinking the 35-55 print-buying market were into Twitter only to find no-one using Twitter or using the hashtag (and even some people asking what the hashtag meant). Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular event tool, but your audience need to be using it. Know your market, know where they are active and use that platform / those platforms.

Make sure everyone knows how to get onto the venue’s wifi, not only do you want people to feel connected whilst at your event, they need to be able to connect to each other whilst at your event. No one is going to engage if they can’t access your chosen platforms.

Get a unique hashtag – use it, share it. Make sure people know what it is, encourage people to use it. Run a tweet show on a screen or a competition using Twitter as part of the housekeeping at your event. Get people using it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Share engaging content before your event. If someone has been inspired enough and taken the time to sign up to your event, get them engaged with your brand by sharing some content they will want to see, ie:

  • A short video of one of your speakers
  • Images that inspire
  • Blog posts that challenge or present alternate viewpoints to get the conversation going

Set up a LinkedIn group.  When people have registered encourage them to tweet about it/share it on Facebook and talk about the event. What are you looking forward to? What do you expect to learn? Ask the relevant questions people could experience before attending the event, their answers can inspire others to come along too.

Throughout the event make sure you (as the organiser) and any staff you’re able to delegate to, are sharing content via social media and re-sharing everyone else’s content so your participants are made to feel valued. Also, deal with any complaints/questions quickly – this shows your ability to accommodate and respond in an open and friendly way.  Ever had someone earn your respect for the way they’ve handled a tricky situation in real life?  It’s the same online, now’s your chance to shine!

I hope you find these 6 tips helpful with your event planning.  For more info about how Autumn could help you deliver event and social media success, drop me a line!



Founder and Director @ Autumn Live Ltd

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