Digital Community Leaders Survey

Are you a digital community leader?

We’ve teamed up again with software developers Steadfast Collective – to launch this year’s Digital Community Leaders Survey. As the world of community-based marketing grows and develops, it’s essential to know where your community building efforts are going and how they compare to others.

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Maybe you’re not sure how community-based marketing fits with the worlds of social media, events, tech and CRM software, integrations and wider sales efforts. It’s an area of development that’s collecting speed and has shown some incredible results for a number of large brands.

Nike membership scheme community based marketing

Nike’s membership scheme has resulted in members spending 3x as much.

Rapha has found that the Life Time Value for a Rapha Cycling Club member was 4x.

Rapha Cycling membership community based marketing
Pets at Home VIP club community based marketing

Out of sport, Pets at Home revamped its VIP Club, generating £50m additional revenue.

Maybe right now, you simply have a membership of 50 people connected online. Maybe you have a database of thousands and want to understand more about how you can bring your community together more? Community building is an incredibly powerful tool for organisations to gain valuable insights, foster loyalty, and drive innovation.

We want to get your input and your experience into the Digital Community Leaders Survey – fill it out now – it’ll take about 7 minutes:

In September, we’ll hold an exclusive report launch party in London and provide all participants early access to the printed survey report. (And if you can’t make it to London we’ll post you a copy!)

High-profile community experts will provide insights throughout the report, making it more valuable and informative.

If you work in community, please take just a moment to participate in this exciting opportunity and reserve your spot for our exclusive launch party in September.

Let’s make the 2023 Digital Community Leaders Survey the best one yet! 

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