At what point do I need an event agency to help me organise events?

Organising an event is pretty easy right? We’ve all hosted a party or two, got some mates together for a drink at the pub or to some birthday celebration meal, we may have even organised our own wedding – stress free and easy right?


Sometimes not so straightforward.

When you need to carry on doing your day job (running a company, doing the accounts, running the company diaries, ordering, managing staff – let’s stop here because the list is endless..)  you need people to help you to manage any events you’re wanting to organise, because let’s face it – it could and can turn into a full time job.  Especially when it’s something special or one off like an organisation celebrating 25 years or a Christmas party when you want to enchant and surprise your staff and you don’t even want the accounts team to get a glimpse of the invoice for the stunt team you just booked.

It’s surprisingly cost effective

  1. Most event organisers have build up a list of trusted suppliers they use on a regular basis and can get discounted costs for av, printing and venue hire.
  2. They will charge you for the time worked on the project or for a complete project cost, particularly if you know your budget.  Often the agency model of billing for hours worked is used.  But usually, if an event agency knows what they are doing they will work more hours than they charge you for – all in the interest of good client relationships and repeat business.
  3. There’s much less time needed by you to manage them, as organising events and thinking about all the different factors required (like Health & Safety docs, insurances or Temporary Event Notices) are logistics they do all the time.

One of the major benefits of using an event agency is that you actually get to enjoy your own event, be it hosting a conference, running your team building session, praising your staff through an awards ceremony or partying at the 20 year company anniversary, because you are not thinking about if the food is ready to be served, if the light settings are programmed to switch when the speaker comes on or if the welcome packs are all ready to be given to guests.

Enjoying your event?

Stress Free?

Cost effective?

Who doesn’t want that when you are planning your companies activity for 2019?

And what about 2020?  There’s no harm in planning ahead, get in touch now, we offer a complimentary consultation for one hour (over the phone or cup of coffee if you’re local) and a proposal with costs so you can see how your event could shape up.

Let’s make it happen.


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