Binary Festival T minus 1 and counting…

This is the day before the build up day.  Christmas Eve Eve if you like. Everything starts to happen tomorrow, the tech guys will turn up at Hinterlands and will build the stage, install the lighting and make everything sound amazing.  There will be final badge making, setting up registration and the inevitable requests of […]

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The countdown to Binary Festival

It’s just a little over 2 weeks until the Liverpool Binary Festival takes place. It’s the second time we have delivered this event and I absolutely LOVE producing this one.  It enables me to connect with people – some I’ve known for years and others I’m just meeting for the first time. It’s in a […]

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Do we still need events?

Do we really still need events? Surely we can connect via social media and Skype and don’t need to spend our time travelling and meeting people?   I remember watching a brilliant film called Up in the Air, starring the talented Anna Kendrick, Vera Farmiga and Mr George Clooney,  the basic premise of the film […]

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