Why Autumn? A season of mellow fruitfulness

One of the questions we often get asked is “Why is your company called Autumn Live?” along with “What do you actually do?”

The season of Autumn is all about the natural beauty in the northern hemisphere between September and November, of what the Summer has achieved and what is being prepared for the following year.

It is a season of fruitfulness, there is much produce and when we were at school we used to have a harvest festival to celebrate.  The origins of this festival, in the farming and ancient world, has a lot more significance.  A celebration to signify that all the crops have been picked, harvested and stored, ready to provide an abundance of food for the community over the winter.  An abundance of food? Working together in community?  Now that is worth celebrating.

We are called Autumn because it is a season of productivity and fruitfulness.

The second aspect of Autumn, having grown up on a farm, is the planning.  Autumn is a time to prepare the ground, to plan what crops are rotated where, and to put some hard-work and good effort into making sure the soil will bear fruit next season.  This is one of the foundations of any good event, strategic project or marketing campaign; whether it’s an awards ceremony, festival, conference, social event, marketing strategy, social media plan, party or celebration, the success lies in the ability to plan, prepare and work hard.

We are called Autumn because it is a season of planning, preparing and doing the hard work behind the scenes.

Finally, the Live aspect of Autumn is because we want to engage with people, we want to meet you, talk to you, inspire you, collaborate with you and we want to do that face-to-face, as well as through social and digital media.  Tangible experience changes things. Our consultancy work, specifically in the fields of health and well-being, focus on one of our core values ‘relationship is everything’.

We are called Autumn Live because we value our relationships and we want to engage with you.  

We hope that’s answered your question, but if you have any more we’d love to hear from you, bring ALL your questions.

Founder and Director @ Autumn Live Ltd

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