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Top 5 Takeaways from the Inbounder World Tour, London…

As an event producer I don’t get the privilege of sitting in the audience as a delegate at many events.  I am usually the one hunting down the speakers, running through slides, ensuring the room temperature is pleasant and that there is plenty of coffee for everyone.  I had the pleasure of attending The Inbounder World Tour in London on Tuesday May 2nd 2017.  Which is already featured as one of the Top 10 digital events to attend in the UK this year.

My Top 5 Takeaways from the event were (in chronological order):

1. Try Podcasting for Content Generation

Kelvin Newman, Founder and Managing Director at Rough Agenda, the company behind BrightonSEO – though everyone was tweeting about his trainers (pink – impressive) he shared some serious stats about why should we bother with podcasts now? The fact that 24% of Us are listening to them and they’ve seen a 40% growth in the last year is enough of a reason.  We at Autumn Live, use them for content generation.  Kelvin had some great tips on how to start podcasting.  It’s a personal favourite activity for me for content marketing – I highly recommend it to you.

2. Talk to your audience on social

As Head of Social for Semrush I knew Olga Andrienko was going to have to a lot of awesome content.  Olga discovered that not many people were talking to their audience on social and she decided this was her strength.  The key components of a good social media presence are:





So Olga got talking – she uses Tweetbinder to talk to your audience – download all the key people so you can engage with them.

There is a psychology behind which fonts and colours you use in your content – and they matter if you want you can  Explore this further


3. Tell your story and be engaging

Hannah Smith  Head of Creative from Verve Search  absolutely held the stage with her passion, enthusiasm and energy.  She recommended Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon (it’s now on the list) and spoke from her heart to engage the audience with her honesty and reality. One of her top stand out recommends was to use Buzzsumo to find out most shared content – have a look at it – it is gold.

4. WebP is better than jpeg and png

I have to admit a LOT of what Jono Alderson, from Distilled, was talking about was too detailed and technical for me, however this point really stood out.  For images use WebP – there is no loss of quality, it’s smaller than jpeg and quicker to download.  This is a thing!

5. Pitch using questions

Kirsty Hulse from Many Minds threw out loads of tips and advice on business development, but this one stuck – quite often she has asked questions to clients to determine the direction of her pitch.  Cleverly asking them, made the client feel like they had thought of it and it was exactly tailored to what they wanted.

Those were my top 5 takeaways, however you can check out all the slides and the live blog from Daniel Bianchini is fascinating.

Thanks to Twitter and the fabulous folk at We are Marketing I was able to relax, meet new people and enjoy attending a conference in the most relaxed way for a long time!

Founder and Director @ Autumn Live Ltd
  • Kristen

    Hi Jan!
    My name is Kristen, Account Executive at We Are Marketing.
    What a fantastic takeaway post! I’m so glad that you were able to relax and enjoy an event for a change. It was a pleasure to have you there and I hope that you are able to attend more interesting events in the future.


    1. jan

      Thanks Kristen, some fabulous speakers and yes I look forward to being a delegate more often! It helps refine the organising experience too.

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