Tea & Toast

We gathered together a small community of creatives, adventurers, strategists and explorers from the creative, digital and tech sectors in and around Winchester for Tea & Toast. A simple idea, but connecting people, over food and building relationship is one of our values at Autumn Live. We absolutely loved it, and we think the community did too.

Photocred: Libby James Watt

If you put enough smart people together in one space, good things happen. Erik Hersman

Photocred: Libby James Watt

We are planning on organising a small breakfast gathering like this every couple of months. Studio Republic have been kind enough to host us at their event space – The Loft.

Photocred: Libby James Watt

If you are from the creative, digital and tech industry and want to connect with other people like you to build community in Winchester, we’d love to meet you. Our next Tea & Toast is on Tuesday 10th September. Book your ticket so we know how many brews to make. (and yes for all the coffee lovers – there is coffee!)

photocred: Libby James Watt


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