The team at Autumn has a wide range of skills and experience that enable us to both add value to what you want to achieve and provide specialist advice and support.

Here are some of our key specialist skills for consulting on a range of topics including:

  • Social Marketing and contributing to culture change
  • Men and Health
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Young People
  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • Partnership working to boost credibility

Understanding the key factors and nuances for specific audiences such as young people and men requires specific insight and knowledge to ensure approaches and partnerships are right.

We have years of experience in researching and knowing how to get the most effective and appropriate methods in place, achieving cut-through and engaging the audience with the right tone and message.

These kinds of projects actually have a number of key factors that are similar to commercial projects – such as using skills in strategic communications, live events, social engagement and experiential marketing.  However, often the specialism of public health and youth and community work means these factors are seen as alien or too closely connected with profit making.  That’s why Autumn is such as unique proposition – we can bring the best of both worlds together to help you achieve your social goals.

If this is what your project needs then talk to Simon Howes – Lead Consultant and Technical Director

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