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Constantly checking your email?

We all hear and read and see all the time messages about how much we are connected to our devices, we are not switching off, we are sleeping less, we are more stressed, more anxious, more connected to our work than ever.  Who else wants to sail away on a boat?


I thought it was just me that checked email and responded to things out of hours, because I was running my own business, therefore I could justify having to (no – needing to) get back to a client or potential client at 10pm on a Sunday night.

I am guilty of responding at these hours because I think it will impress my client. (she must be so hard working – she’s up at 10pm on a Sunday picking up emails and responding to my needs – therefore she will be a brilliant project manager/social media manager/event manager as she is so committed and reliable.
Yes- this is my reasoning for doing these things.  I and justify it, because I’m the boss, the business owner and it counts – it’s my business.

Will my clients think any less of me if I respond at 9am the following morning?

I doubt it

What if you’re a worker, you’re not responsible for the budgets and outcomes at the end of the day – is it justifiable that we should check email?  How much more are we achieving if we do this?
Personally I work very well when I have multiple people who need a piece of my time, a response, an answer, a document, or food (it seems!)

I work systematically through who needs what and who is more important (and who is shouting the loudest) but I get the job done, and well I might add, the additional pressure helps me to perform.
The one thing I am rubbish at is switching off, I’m so task driven that to not have a list of things that need doing ruling my life means it takes a while for me to disconnect, switch off and unplug.

The best way I find to do this is:

  • Use the brilliant headspace app
  • Go to sleep
  • Go for a walk – outside where there is no phone signal and lots of space.
  • Find some wide open space – I love the ocean because there is such a massive expanse between you and the next thing that’s out there – the horizon is so far and possibilities seem endless.

Allow yourself some time and switch off – it takes practice, but it’s worth it.

Founder and Director @ Autumn Live Ltd

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