Highlights of 2017

Whilst we’re looking forward to 2018, we’ve been reflecting on 2017 and we’ve loved working with our clients this year.  Some of the highlights for us are: Developing a social media strategy with Contexis Getting into the studio again  – hosting and creating podcasts with Burrells Organising two unique events in the Pokemon Go Heritage […]

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Our top 5 resources that explain why everyone should be talking about mental health

From Harry, William & Kate’s Heads Together Campaign and thousands of runners in this year’s marathon, to high profile business professionals discussing their own experiences of mental illness, mental health has never been such a widely talked about topic.  But what does this mean for you? It is changing but many don’t feel particularly comfortable discussing […]

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Why Autumn? A season of mellow fruitfulness

One of the questions we often get asked is “Why is your company called Autumn Live?” along with “What do you actually do?” The season of Autumn is all about the natural beauty in the northern hemisphere between September and November, of what the Summer has achieved and what is being prepared for the following year. […]

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What do we actually do at Autumn Live?

I’ll begin with a story; before I started Autumn Live I once worked for Picturehouses as the Marketing and Business Development Manager. One day, one of my children came home from school saying they had to tell everyone at school what their parents did for a job, “Oh that’s interesting sweetie, what did you say […]

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What digital events should I attend in the UK in 2017?

Digital Conference

Thinking of attending an event in the tech sector in the UK in 2017? According to the latest Tech Nation report London alone, in 2016 hosted 22,000 tech related Meetup events- nearly three times as many as Berlin, Amsterdam or Paris. Interpersonal networking is critical to the UK’s success and the face-to-face networking that these Meet-ups enable is hugely […]

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