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What are you listening to?

When we are walking, travelling on a train or driving a car, sitting in a park, in a garden or at the beach, we can choose to listen. Technology enables us to listen to our favourite playlist, radio show, podcast or audio book wherever we are. Multi-tasking (travelling and listening) is one of my favourite things, getting some extra steps in and learning at the same time.

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Hybrid events – what you need to know

Very few of us are planning for face-to-face events in the first two quarters of 2021, but if you want to keep ahead and maximise opportunities, you’ll need to know what your options are when lockdown is eased. Whilst many organisations and companies initially responded to the global pandemic by putting all events on hold, many of the organisations we have been speaking to have now moved to a place of exploring and using online event formats.

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Digital Events

How do you still connect with people at online…

We’ve all experienced Zoom fatigue, back to back meetings with colleagues, clients, suppliers and even friends. How can you still connect with people at online events when you’re being forced into breakout rooms not of your own choosing? (Actually Zoom has changed this now and you can select which breakout rooms – but only if the organisers let you!) As an organiser and producer of live events we have really seen the need to think carefully about the delegate journey.

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Future event planning – what does this look like…

One of the key tools in any event producer’s toolbox is the ability to plan. Consider all the possibilities, take action and make decisions to put a thoughtfully crafted, detailed plan into action. We’re sure we are not alone when we say one of the biggest impacts of Covid-19 is that the ability to plan has been stolen from us. Read more “Future event planning – what does this look like now?”


Tea & Toast

We gathered together a small community of creatives, adventurers, strategists and explorers from the creative, digital and tech sectors in and around Winchester for Tea & Toast. A simple idea, but connecting people, over food and building relationship is one of our values at Autumn Live. We absolutely loved it, and we think the community did too.

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How WhatsApp has revolutionised event comms

“Make sure you sign your radio in and out each day” used to be a phrase I would use all the time in my event briefings.  There has been the occasional last minute panic when we thought we’d forgotten to order radios – just to clarify though – It’s never happened.

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