Binary Festival T minus 1 and counting…

This is the day before the build up day.  Christmas Eve Eve if you like. Everything starts to happen tomorrow, the tech guys will turn up at Hinterlands and will build the stage, install the lighting and make everything sound amazing.  There will be final badge making, setting up registration and the inevitable requests of “Can I change my gathering?”.  I will take all this in my stride, because we are onsite.

As soon as you pass the threshold of getting onsite at your event venue, everything changes.  Any email appearing that is not critical for the success of the next 24 hours is marked unread and if there’s time – put in the folder “Emails to deal with Post-Binary Festival”*.  Any problem that appears is managed within an inch of its life until it is resolved, by a team of people who are all committed to the task – a successful event.

That is my favourite phrase post event – “Another Successful Event”  it is what we aim for every time.

We love the event, the delivery, welcoming speakers, last minute briefings, saying hello to well known faces, registering people, inspiring the delegates, bringing wow, making sure the coffee is hot and the food is tasty, but the best part of the event is the build-up.  It’s all the excitement of Christmas Eve and none of the disappointment of unwanted gifts.  It’s all the joy in wrapping presents and none of the feeling stuffed because you over-ate.  It’s the movie trailers without the full knowledge of the movie.  It’s the anticipation. It’s the best!

Keep an eye on what’s happening with binaryfest on twitter and instagram.  We’ll be busy keeping the social channels active too!

*this folder really does exist in my inbox

Founder and Director @ Autumn Live Ltd

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